Intelligent EXHIBITOR - Features

qualified leads

Capture additional leads by strategically placing unobtrusive RFID readers in your booth. When you are able to identify time spent at various product stations, you will uncover additional revenue opportunities.

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Dive into what products attendees are really interested in. By setting up RFID readers at product stations and tracking the duration of time attendees spent at a product station, you can gain insight into what products were most popular. Demographic information can also help to understand the interests and preferences of specific groups of attendees in order to generate net new opportunities.


Visual mapping

Alliance Tech breaks down attendee movement by providing heat maps in order to view high traffic areas within your booth. This information is valuable in numerous ways:

  • Exhibitors and show organizers understand attendee’s specific product interest
  • Helps show organizers prioritize booth space
  • Understand multiple attendee interests by specific demographics such as geography and job title


As a pioneer in RFID technology, Alliance Tech has perfected the way exhibitors capture net new opportunities within their booth, which is the #1 reason why companies exhibit. By embedding RFID within an attendee’s badge, it communicates with antennas strategically placed at designated areas within the booth. Data can be captured once an attendee enters the booth, thus increasing awareness of buyer intent to purchase. Alliance Tech has not only increased opportunities but has saved clients thousands of dollars in staff costs and equipment shipping all through RFID. By determining low traffic areas around particular product stations, exhibitors can determine which products are of high or low interest.

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