Intelligent ATTENDANCE - Features

Different options for different needs

Enterprise Tap-n-Go Handheld

Our Enterprise solution is unobtrusive and designed to track session attendance and duration utilizing RF technology.

Tap-n-Go functions on the tablet and is a stand-alone solution that allows attendees to "tap" their badge before entering their session.

The handheld solution allows you to scan attendees at the door. This self-service offering is a perfect fit for budget conscious events.

Mats with RF

With Alliance Tech's new and
exclusive RF technology mats,
you can unobtrusively track
attendance by simply placing a
mat at your session entrance.

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Alliance Tech’s solution is as
simple as downloading an app
and entering in an event code.

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Badge types

Alliance Tech is the leading provider of RFID solutions. We support a multitude of badge types including RFID, NFC, barcodes, and QR badges. We are flexible to your event needs in order to support your overall goals and objectives.

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Access Control

Grant access based on enrollment or attendee type. Once an attendee taps their badge, a message along with a visual indicator appears validating access rights.

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Because we know who attended each session, we have added an optional solution to obtain session and speaker feedback. Alliance Tech can email surveys to your attendees to obtain immediate feedback on the sessions they attended.

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Intelligent ATTENDANCE generates real-time views on session attendance and duration, exhibit floor visits, traffic patterns and event activities. This real-time accessibility allows for reports and metrics to be viewed while on-site in order to give event managers insight into attendee interests, thus generating overall event ROI and increased revenue opportunities.


As a pioneer in RFID technology, Alliance Tech has perfected the way event managers are able to capture attendance information at conferences and events thus enhancing ROI. By embedding RFID within an attendee’s badge, it communicates with readers strategically placed at designated areas within the event venue. Data can be captured to monitor session attendance, track show floor.