Alliance Tech’s Lewis to Present Sessions with Leading Healthcare Marketers at HCEA 2014 Annual Meeting

AUSTIN, TX – June 11, 2014 - Alliance Tech, an Austin, Texas-based event technology solutions provider focused on business intelligence for trade shows, conferences and events, announced today that Roger Lewis, executive vice president, sales and marketing, will be presenting educational sessions with leading healthcare marketers at the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association (HCEA) 2014 Annual Meeting, the premier event for leading healthcare exhibit marketers and medical association meeting and exhibition professionals, taking place in Cleveland June 21-24.

June 23, 2014
Measuring Big Data in the World of Face-to-Face Marketing
Presenters:  Jeff Masters, director, global events group, Philips Healthcare, with Roger Lewis, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Alliance Tech, and Jonathan “Skip” Cox, CEO and president, Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

Big Data can be overwhelming unless you know how it can be streamlined to provide significant potential for event marketing measurement.  This interactive case study, featuring Philips Healthcare visionary Jeff Masters, will help you understand Big Data and identify ways to extract meaningful insights through examples of how Philips tackled today’s event marketing challenges related to big data. Roger Lewis from Alliance Tech and Skip Cox from Exhibit Surveys will help you gain a deeper understanding of how a leading healthcare organization such as Philips is taking action with their data and incorporating it their measurement and marketing strategies.

Learning Takeaways: 

  • Understand what Big Data is and identify ways to obtain meaningful insights from it
  • Understand how to take action and use big data to improve events
  • Determine how to get big data into the hands of those who can act on it

June 24, 2014
How Technology is Revolutionizing ROI for Healthcare Exhibitors
Presenters: Miriam Ladin, director of marketing communications – Americas – Agfa Healthcare,  and  Roger Lewis, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Alliance Tech

In this interactive case study, Miriam Ladin, director of marketing communications – Americas – Agfa HealthCare, will discuss her decision to explore technology solutions to significantly improve her booth measurement strategy.   She and Alliance Tech’s Roger Lewis will identify the key technologies available for enhanced tradeshow measurement and what led to the ultimate technology choice for Agfa’s proprietary lead management solution.  They will discuss how to implement technology for increased ROI analysis and unveil what measurable results were accomplished by incorporating the latest event technology offerings.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Identify key technologies available for enhanced trade show measurement
  • Understand how to implement technology solutions for increased ROI analysis
  • Deliver measurable results with the incorporation of the latest event technology offerings

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