Alliance Tech Celebrates Tenth Anniversary


Alliance Tech Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 11, 2012)—Alliance Tech, an Austin, TX-based event technology provider focused on marketing metrics for tradeshows, conferences and events, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on May 14, 2012.

Alliance Tech is the brainchild of Art Borrego, Roger Lewis and Tim Blackwood who founded the company May 14, 2002. “I remember like it was yesterday,” says Art Borrego, Alliance Tech’s CEO, “the three of us met and began to brainstorm about forming a company that would focus on technologies to service the conference and events industry.” A few months after starting Alliance Tech, the team landed their first big customer, IBM, and serviced a sales kick-off event in Las Vegas. The event was a success and IBM is still a loyal customer today.

As the company grew, Alliance Tech expanded its solutions to focus on event metrics and analytics. Art Borrego came across an article stating how Wal-Mart was evaluating RFID (radio frequency identification) for inventory management and came up with the idea to use the same technology to track attendance at events in order to understand attendee preferences. Alliance Tech became the first in the events industry to offer intelligent RFID to provide detailed behavior analytics on attendee’s interests and likelihood to purchase.

“Alliance Tech has enjoyed revenue growth in booth good and bad economic times and owes its longevity to being the industry leader in innovation combined with superior customer service. Our company culture and structure allows us to quickly transition our strategy and vision based on market trends into real world solutions,” explains Roger Lewis, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Today Alliance Tech offers a suite of solutions to the events industry including lead retrieval utilizing the iPad, mobile event guides, attendance tracking, social networking, event portals, kiosks and surveys. Alliance Tech has grown from 3 to more than 30 full time employees and a half dozen contractors.

“Basically, we have a group of intelligent professionals that enjoy working together, which makes things around here a lot more fun. We want to keep this culture going for at least the next 10 years,” explains Tim Blackwood, Executive Vice President of Operations.

About Alliance Tech:

Alliance Tech is an event technology provider focused on marketing metrics for tradeshows, conferences and events. The company was the first to offer an Intelligent RFID solution to track attendee interests and preferences at marketing events. Alliance Tech has extensive experience in successfully delivering event solutions to enhance ROI with RFID, lead management and mobile solutions.

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