Alliance Tech Announces Partner Program



AUSTIN, Texas - January 28, 2008 - Alliance Tech (, a two-time winner of the CEMA Summit Technology Shootout award for event marketing intelligence, announced this week the implementation of a Partner/Reseller Program for its attendee reporting and measurement solution.  This program will give event marketers and registration companies the opportunity to further enhance the value they provide to their clients.  The Austin, Texas based company has had recent opportunities to execute strategic partnerships, which ultimately proved to be key success factors where customers were the ultimate beneficiaries.

Throughout the industry, event marketers are being faced with constant pressure to prove the worth and justify the immense cost associated with putting on an event.  This has become more prevalent as of late with the push to make event marketing more ROI centered.

While some professionals view events as just a staple marketing expense, an even greater number are beginning to view them as a potential profit center.  That potential causes them to scrutinize whether the return justifies the investment.

"Now more than ever, event managers and event marketing in general are clearly in a defensive posture while having to accurately measure the effectiveness and success of their event," says David Soto, Vice President of Partnerships for Alliance Tech, Inc. "Our solutions are designed to empower event marketers with the tools they need to validate their budgets-and in some cases-their existence."

Alliance Tech has taken on this challenge by launching a Partner-Reseller program which offers its Attendee Reporting and Measurement technology as a foundation to the client's event reporting suite.  The program is designed to provide reporting tools that will add significant value to a company's products and services.

As Alliance Tech grows, Soto states they are committed to maintaining focus on their core business of event marketing intelligence and metrics.  To do this, the company will look to its strategic partners to fulfill the professional services that are a necessary part of every event.

The scenario provides partners with a unique, competitive advantage; to not only facilitate the growth of business, but to give them unprecedented access to new markets and clients.

About Alliance
Tech Alliance Tech is the leading provider of Marketing Performance Measurement solutions which include RFID Attendance Analytics, Lead Management, Surveys, Social Networking and Onsite Messaging and Post-Event Marketing Analytics.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Alliance Tech's complete suite of integrated solutions provides the tradeshow, conference and events industry the ability to measure event effectiveness, understand attendee behavior, and deliver more qualified leads.  Clients include IBM, SAS, Dell, Cisco, and Intel. Alliance Tech is a privately held company in Austin, Texas.  For more information, visit