CEA to offer RFID Exhibitor Booth Traffic Analytics at 2008 International CES


September 18, 2007

CES is pleased to announce a new offering to exhibitors for 2008 International CES.  For the first time, exhibitors will have the ability to rent RFID stations and place them throughout their booth to measure, analyze and understand attendee booth traffic.  The two leaders in tradeshow analytics, Alliance Tech and Experient, are providing the RFID technology.  An RFID tag will be incorporated into the attendee badge and through this solution exhibitors will be able to understand attendee booth visits and durations, identify additional revenue opportunities, track average visit times by product area and view reports by selected demographics.  Reports will be web based and integrated with lead retrieval data.  For more information on RFID, please contact us at info@alliancetech.com.

About Alliance Tech
Alliance Tech is the leading provider of Marketing Performance Measurement (MPM) solutions which include RFID Attendance Analytics, Lead Management, Surveys, Social Networking and Onsite Messaging and Post-Event Marketing Analytics.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Alliance Tech's complete suite of integrated solutions provides the meetings, conference and events industry the ability to measure event effectiveness, understand attendee behavior, and deliver more qualified leads.  Clients include IBM, SAS, Dell, Cisco, and Intel. Alliance Tech is a privately held company in Austin, Texas.  For more information, visit www.alliancetech.com.