Alliance Tech Wins CEMA Technology Shootout for the Second Year in a Row


Alliance Tech's RFID Dynamic Messaging Solution Makes Impact with Corporate Event Managers

TORREY PINES, California (July 30, 2007)

For the second year in a row, Alliance Tech won the Corporate Events Marketing Associations (CEMA) "Technology Shootout" competition at CEMA Summit 2007.  The industry's top leading solution providers were given an opportunity to demonstrate their product and value to attendees.  The winner was selected by audience members made up of corporate event managers, directors and agencies. 

"We congratulate Alliance Tech's win again this year.  It is very impressive that they have won two years in a row against very strong competition," stated Erika Brunke, Executive Director of CEMA.  

This year Roger Lewis, Executive Vice President, presented a 'Hat Trick' to the audience demonstrating how Alliance Tech's RFID technology can be used as a powerful marketing tool for Smart Messaging.   Smart Messaging is the ability to display information and content on flat panel monitors based on the attendee's interests. Alliance Tech effectively demonstrated the value proposition by wearing different hats which represented different job roles such as CIO, developer, sales, and others, then showed how marketing messages could be tailored to each audience in real-time. 

For the first time, exhibitors and conference planners are able to utilize attendee demographics to target their marketing message.  It is an effective tool that allows targeted communication.  Instead of purchasing static disposables signs, event planners can now use interactive displays which show pertinent information to the attendee standing in front of it. 

"This is an interesting new offering which looks like it will provide organizations with significant additional ROI," stated Andy Littleton of SAS who attended CEMA. 

For attendees, the conference experience is enhanced because of the personalization and easy access to information.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by materials that may not be of value to them, only relevant information is presented which allows them to maximize their time at the conference 

"We are honored and thrilled to have won this award two years in a row.  Being selected by event managers and industry partners is strong validation that we offer compelling and innovative solutions," stated Art Borrego, CEO of Alliance Tech. 

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About Alliance Tech
Alliance Tech is the leading provider of Marketing Performance Measurement (MPM) solutions which include RFID Attendance Analytics, Lead Management, Surveys, Social Networking and Onsite Messaging and Post-Event Marketing Analytics.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Alliance Tech's complete suite of integrated solutions provides the meetings, conference and events industry the ability to measure event effectiveness, understand attendee behavior, and deliver more qualified leads.  Clients include IBM, SAS, Dell, Cisco, and Intel.  Alliance Tech is a privately held company in Austin, Texas.  For more information, visit

About CEMA
CEMA, the Corporate Event Marketing Association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving event and marketing professionals in all sectors of the technology industry.  Founded in 1990, CEMA offers educational and networking opportunities regionally and nationally.  Members are event managers, event marketing managers, exhibit management, show management, industry service providers, and event media, within all sectors of the technology industry