The Alliance Tech Partner & Reseller Program offers your organization the ability to add event measurement, business intelligence and reporting tools to the portfolio you provide your clients. We understand that partnerships are key factors where clients are the ultimate beneficiaries. The Alliance Tech Partner & Reseller program was developed to enable your organization with mission critical event measurement tools to help your clients understand and measure attendee behavior and participation at their events.

As Alliance Tech continues to grow, our primary focus will be to continue helping our clients and partners measure the effectiveness of their events by utilizing RFID and other technologies. In order to maintain this focus, we continue to develop partnerships to help fulfill other aspects of the event where they are best suited to do so. This partnership scenario provides partners a unique competitive advantage by facilitating the growth and breadth of your current business model, while providing you with access to new markets and clients.

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Why Partner with Alliance Tech?

  1. Increased revenue potential
  2. Ability to scale from smaller to large events with over 50,000 attendees
  3. Staff training on RFID Event Reporting & Measurement
  4. Turnkey event measurement solution including onsite support
  5. Enhanced offering to client which includes Business Intelligence & Analytic Reports

More Info?

Please contact us for details on pricing and solutions to fit your specific needs.

James Lonsdale-Hands
Alliance Tech, Inc.
Ph: 214.802.9021