Verifying the Value of Event Apps

No matter what size your company, ROI is always of paramount importance. Finding the best value per dollar spent is part of your day, every day. As you aspire to manage the most meaningful event strategies, it’s clear that mobile event apps offer substantial value. In fact, you will probably spend less on an event app than you spend on your event’s snack breaks.

According to Convene’s 2016 Annual Meetings Market Survey, 32% of an event’s budget is typically spent on Food and Beverage (F&B). Clearly, F&B is an important expenditure for events, but when it comes to driving value, F&B can be limited. You probably provide snack breaks for your attendees at your events. For example, consider an average event with 1000 attendees over three days. A typical afternoon break averages $6-$8. per attendee. Over the three day event you will spend approximately $18K to $32K on snacks! Compare that with the cost of a mobile app for 1000 attendees, as low as $10,000 or $10 per attendee.. The value gained from putting data in the hands of your attendees far outweighs a few afternoon snacks.

While mobile app technology continues to evolve, it’s here to stay, as you can see in the Statista chart below.

According to eWeek, the primary factor in increasing the adoption of mobile apps for enterprises in 2016 is the always-present pressure of competition, stated John Jackson, an IDC analyst. "It's becoming the case that if your competitor out-mobilizes you, then you have problems. Progress at some level is a slam-dunk in 2016.”

For many event marketers, a useful app is one that easily integrates with your busy schedule and produces results quickly and easily. Plus, by utilizing an event mobile app, you can eliminate the costs of printed conference materials and create an environmentally friendly solution that is always up-to-date.

To get the best value from your mobile event app, keep these things in mind when selecting your app:

  • Your event attendees are not just attendees. They are attendees who prefer mobile apps. In fact 86% of the mobile web is in apps versus 14% going to the web.

  • Whether you call it making a connection, making a friend, or networking, bringing together people with similar interests is powerful. When your attendees can message one another and connect through social networking, they are developing new relationships that will last far beyond your event. Be the catalyst by having this capability on your app.
  • Imagine how useful it would be for your attendees to be able to submit questions during a session and interact with speakers, all from the mobile event app. Make sure you have this capability.
  • An effective mobile app should be able to include custom content like event news, highlights, maps views, agendas, and updates to give your attendees complete up-to-date access to your event.
  • It’s imperative that your mobile app can obtain direct feedback from your attendees for many reasons, including session content, speaker reviews, and overall attendee satisfaction.
  • Can your mobile event app give attendees the ability to view event content all on their tablets or mobile devices while also providing networking opportunities with each other?

Consider taking your luncheon dessert and use it as an afternoon break snack instead. Use that money you just saved to purchase a mobile app that your attendees will use throughout – and beyond – your event. If your mobile event app provides all of the capabilities listed above, you will get excellent value for the price.