Taking Attendance Tracking Beyond the Entrance

Tracking attendance at your event doesn’t have to focus only on session measurement. There are many imaginative ways to track attendance beyond those doors, and the experiences you design can be a lot of fun for your attendees.

Photo booths are a fun way to engage attendees, and can create lasting memories of your brand experience. By incorporating attendance tracking in these areas, you can measure the popularity of the booths and determine which locations are most utilized.

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, you can drive traffic by experimenting with movable pieces. Do you have a movie theater theme in your booth? You could rent a popcorn cart, brand the cart and popcorn bags with your logo, booth number and tag line. Then, move the cart to a different location in the booth every day and track which attendees were drawn to that delicious salty snack, and track what locations provided the best results.

Show organizers can provide a valuable service to their exhibitors by measuring attendance at various locations within the exhibition area, and adding persuasive reasons for attendees to move to the more sparsely attended sections. Adding a food station, bar, coffee carts, or entertainment can make a big difference, and attendance can be tracked to confirm whether or not more traffic is generated, and what days are the busiest. Yes, attendance tracking can help measure the improved traffic flow.

Goodyear utilized the Alliance Tech Tap-n-Go attendance tracking app, which they renamed iPass, at the Goodyear 2015 dealer conference. In the video below, you can see how attendees accumulated points by visiting ipad stations and other interactive areas. They simply tapped their badges against the scanners to earn points. The leader board was easily accessible through the app so everyone could see where they stood. There was even a selfie station for posting those pics. Game on!

What attendance tracking solutions are you using? I have no doubt that you have some great solutions so please take a minute to post your experiences here.