What RFID Does Better Than Any Other Business Intelligence Technology

There are a number of technologies available for collecting business intelligence at events: mobile apps, kiosks, barcode scanners, and radio frequency identification (RFID). When it comes to capturing actionable data, however, RFID performs better than any of the others in a number of key areas.

  1. RFID readers placed strategically in locations such as at the entrance to a ballroom or general session rooms or in an exhibit booth, capture attendee information passively or interactively. The advantage for exhibitors is that they can still capture data on booth visitors whether or not sales staff has the opportunity to engage them face-to-face. The advantage for event organizers is to be able to understand attendee interests.
  2. RFID readers can collect data simultaneously from multiple read points to provide exhibitors and event organizers with a visual image of the journey of the attendee. Information about how a specific attendee “consumes” an event—the sessions they attend, product stations they visit, and the duration of time they remain in one place—allows organizers to see showfloor attendance vs session attendance to plan better events and exhibitors to convert more leads to sales.
  3. RFID solutions provide real time reporting that deliver a level of transparency about the event and booth visitors that allows organizers and exhibitors to micro-target their sales and marketing initiatives. For example, knowing which attendees are in a session room allows session planners to deliver evaluations and surveys to individuals based on their specific needs and interests. Being able to “see” what product stations an attendee visits, helps exhibitors determine how to engage with buyers post-event.
  4. RFID solutions yield analytics and trends that indicate an attendee’s intent to purchase. Research and historical data indicate that the duration of a visit (in an exhibit booth and at a specific product station) coupled with the number of visits to the same area significantly increase the likelihood that a buyer will purchase that product. Only RFID delivers the type of data and the level of accuracy that is required to draw those conclusions.

Real-time, accurate and abundant data leads to better events and a higher return on investment for exhibitors. Although it can be more expensive than some of the other solutions available for the same purpose, RFID provides more value in key areas than competing solutions.