Ten Ways for Exhibitors to Use QR Codes at Trade Shows

Quick response codes first appeared at trade shows a few years ago. At first they were viewed with skepticism. Most attendees didn’t understand what they were or didn’t have a QR code reader on their smart device. Exhibitors made the usual mistakes: not providing instructions to users, not connecting the QR codes to compelling content, not printing them on smooth surfaces. All that has changed and it’s easy to understand why QR codes are just so easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Check-in and badging—QR codes are a quick and self-service solution when it comes time for attendees to check-in.
  2. Tracking leads—Exhibitors can scan the QR codes on attendee badges to initiate a lead retrieval process on an iPad in order to capture the lead’s information. Scanning a QR code is a simple and easy way to upload attendee information and doesn’t require an Internet connection.
  3. Distributing digital collateral—QR codes can take booth visitors direct to videos, white papers, case studies, press releases, and other marketing materials.
  4. Attendance Tracking —QR codes are an affordable solution when it comes to tracking attendance for sessions at your event.
  5. Voting—Exhibitors can use QR codes to tally the votes on a particular product or idea by asking attendees to scan different QR codes to register different responses.
  6. Gaming—Exhibitors can use QR codes in scavenger hunts and other contests that prompt players to perform certain actions and earn points or prizes.
  7. Explaining product features—QR codes can provide detailed descriptions of product features and benefits and replace printed spec sheets and handouts.
  8. Standing out—QR codes don’t have to be black. Print your QR codes in colors that match your company branding or booth theme to add interest and a unique look to the exhibit space.
  9. Joining a mailing list—Exhibitors can direct prospects to a sign-up page for the company newsletter by asking them to scan a QR code.
  10. Onboarding followers to social media channels—Use the QR code to direct users to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts through one convenient landing page.

As adoption off the show floor—in grocery stores, restaurants and retail outlets—increases, more visitors to trade shows will expect to see QR codes. They are easy to generate, easy to read and offer exhibitors unlimited possibilities for blending the impact of the face-to-face experience with the power of online platforms and analytics.