Intelligent Lead Follow-up

The following is a guest blog post from Alliance Tech’s CEO, Art Borrego:

Exhibitors and corporate event planners understand the concept of lead retrieval. With the plethora of lead retrieval devices including our own Alliance Tech offerings, the collection of leads from events has become commonplace and fairly effortless. However, a breakdown occurs for some in the lead follow-up process. Sophisticated tools and consistent, targeted outreach is the key to sales conversion. Here are some thoughts on how to engage in intelligent lead follow-up to nurture the sale.

Understand where customers are in the decision process.

Use your lead capture responses, demographics and visit behavior to pinpoint where your customers and prospects are in the purchasing process and tailor your follow-up activities to match. You know what to do with those who are ready to buy. For those who are only evaluating your solution, provide them with information, content, and follow-up (white papers, Webinars) that helps them move from evaluation to consideration.

Use post-show follow-up to further qualify your at-show/meeting leads.

Qualification doesn’t end at the event. Post-event emails with links to various opportunities to learn (different product sets), try (request a demo), or buy (talk to a live sales person) provide rich data on where your prospects’ preferences are leaning. This outreach can be done all year long to covert the mildly interested to buyers.

Use multiple channels to further the post-event dialog

Emails and telephone calls aren’t the only methods for following up with customers and prospects after an event. Sophisticated marketing automation tools integrate digital, social, and traditional marketing channels to nurture leads by creating a continuing dialog with attendees.

Move lead scoring and prioritization beyond “Cold,” “Warm,” and “Hot.”

Use all of the data at your disposal before, during, and after the event—attendee booth visit behavior, presentations attended, product inquiries, attendee profiles, survey responses, post-event business intelligence and marketing automation tools to deduce buying potential and prioritize leads using empirical data and more advanced computer-generated algorithms.

In the future, lead retrieval will not end at the close of the event. At-show activity will flow seamlessly from marketing to sales and from the event floor into the CRM tool for opportunities ready for sales to contact, or an automated nurturing process. Smart exhibitors and event planners will act strategically by using intelligent lead follow-up strategies and tools to nurture the sale.