Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE Enhances Attendee and Event Organizer Experience

After much planning, anticipation and the occasional wringing of hands, Alliance Tech successfully launched its Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE solution last week. Our “green” solution provides attendees with full access to event content including session abstracts, speaker profiles, exhibitor listings, event highlights and session details using mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other smart phones.

Rather than being just another “me too” mobile app for trade shows and conferences, Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE is distinct in its ability to provide attendees with a consistent multi-platform experience—pre-show (web), on site (kiosks & mobile)—so that wherever they are, they can access event content. This level of connectivity is important from the both the attendee and event organizer perspective. Here’s why:

  • Attendees use both kiosks and mobile devices at events. If an attendee adds a session to their personal agenda on a kiosk, they want it to show up automatically on their mobile device (and vice versa). Attendees want one seamless solution across the web, kiosk, and mobile.
  • Show organizers making a content change automatically get that content distributed across all attendee platforms.
  • Believe it or not, there are attendees without smart phones (although the numbers are dwindling). Being able to access and update personal information using a kiosk enhances the (non-smart phone carrying) attendee experience.
  • For the more tech savvy visitors, the ability to select any number of devices on which to view and update event content is an absolute plus.
  • The accessibility of event content from multiple platforms enables more attendees to interact with the trade show and conference brand. This level of experience builds brand loyalty.
  • Viewing the usage of the solution across different platforms provides organizers with important planning and decision-making information. If attendees access information more on the web, vs. on site using a kiosk or mobile device, optimization of that particular “outpost” may be worth the investment to the organization.
  • With higher levels of accessibility to event content, organizers can analyze the content that is most valuable and least valuable (via download activity) and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Multiple platforms provide attendees with more direct access to event staff and offer event management more direct links to and real-time feedback from attendees and exhibitors.

Alliance Tech provides both native mobile apps (i.e. iTunes app store) and web-based multiple platform solutions.

Having a strategy for distributing your content across all attendee touch points is a must.

Read more about Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE on our new Alliance Tech website and call, email or tweet (@roglewis) with questions.