Developing a Killer Mobile Strategy for your Event

Mobile apps in the trade show and conference industry are hot. From native apps to microsites, there is plenty to choose from. The first step, however, is developing a “killer” mobile strategy. Here are seven critical questions you should answer when developing a solid mobile strategy for your event.

What’s your pain? Look at your areas of greatest need. Are you looking to reduce the costs of printing show directories? Do you want a fast way to get information out to visitors? Do you need to enhance your attendees’ networking capabilities? Make a list. Prioritize your pains and work from there.

Is mobile a good fit? After you have created a list of needs, ask yourself whether or not mobile is a good fit for your specific objectives. Mobile is all the rage but there are other technologies that may achieve better results.

Going native or staying in the cloud? At some point you will have to decide, based on your needs whether a native application or an Internet-based app is better for your customers. Not everyone has an iPhone. Not every native app works on all phones and some convention centers still don’t have great cell phone reception in some areas.

How will you market it? Choosing the app is one thing. Deciding how to get the word out to drive user adoption is another. There’s no use having an app if no one knows about it and no one uses it. Once the app is out there, usage will likely increase but you have to start somewhere.

How can you leverage your app after the show? Your app’s life cycle should extend beyond the life of the event. As part of your mobile strategy, think about ways to keep the love alive with your customers year round. Your mobile app can be a doorway to your customers 24/7/365.

How does mobile fit within your organization’s strategy? Your mobile strategy is connected to your marketing strategy is connected to your organization’s strategy and so on. Decide from the beginning where your mobile strategy fits in the overall scheme of things.

Who will own the mobile app strategy? In other words, who in your organization will be charged with choosing, deploying, monitoring, addressing inquiries, etc. for your mobile app. Mobile apps can involve your customer service, IT, and social media/marketing departments.

Once you have a solid strategy in place, you can begin working with providers that meet your needs. What’s your mobile event strategy?