Using RFID to Enhance Conference Success

You have a great product. Many people know about it and like it. You’re about to plan a user conference and you want to ensure attendees really understand the benefits of your offering. How do you find out what your attendees were most interested in and found most valuable?

One way to get it right is by creating the proper event atmosphere for your conference. Consistent messaging, an understanding of attendee interest and preference and real time views into session attendance all contribute to delivering the right experience and thereby, produce the highest rate of return on your meeting/conference investment.

Using a new tactic like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) session attendance tracking, is one way planners can understand attendee interests and behaviors so meetings are more meaningful to attendees and ultimately to the groups putting on the meetings. By tracking attendance and duration of an attendee’s participation in various sessions, organizers stay in step with attendees. Here’s an example of this approach in action. One meeting planner recently implemented radio-frequency identification technology at its conference to track attendees and their behavior at specific sessions, on the exhibit floor and at networking events. From the RFID data, conference organizers were able to see which sessions were most frequently attended, understand which products on the exhibit floor received the most exposure and were also able to evaluate the ways in which attendees consumed information.

The process was elegant, seamless and in synch with attendee interest and behavior. The planner then used that information to develop valuable content and involve specific exhibitors to build the right event experience for future user conferences. Having your hand on the pulse of your meeting by knowing as much as you can about your conference is the first step in comparing yourself to the industry. From there it’s easy to adapt your program accordingly and deliver on key metrics that will help guide your ongoing marketing efforts.

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