Attendee Behavioral Metrics: A Case Study

Philips Healthcare invests a substantial portion of their trade show budget on the RSNA show.  In 2008 their 32,000 square foot booth featured 11 distinct product areas.  Some of the objectives for their event:

  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Learn more about visitor interest in products
  • Determine visitors' message retention
  • Understand booth resource requirements
  • Provide compelling event measurement and analysis to continue to show that events are strategic

Using Alliance Tech's RFID solution to measure traffic and duration, they determined:

  • Total unique visits to the booth, by day
  • Average number of visits per visitor
  • Average number of minutes spent by visitor
  • Visits and duration for each product area

Combining these behavioral metrics with lead capture data, registration data and survey responses, they collected the following insights:

  • Number of organizations represented by visitors
  • Number of  leads captured compared to number of visitors
  • Familiarity with Philips' offerings as a result of visiting the booth.  This data was also segment by booth product area, to determine differences in performance.
  • Percent of visitors with high purchase intent

With their measurement solutions and strategies at RSNA 2008, Philips reported:

  • 23% of visitors returned to booth with a colleague to evaluate the same product
  • 52% of visitors had a high purchase intent
  • Purchase intent correlated highly with duration in booth
  • 96% of visitors reported higher levels of product knowledge as a result of visit to Philips' booth

Given this insight, the Philips team concluded that their booth at RSNA 2008 achieved objectives and was highly successful.  The insights from behavioral, lead capture and survey metrics also revealed areas for continued improvement and efficiency.  The quantitative analysis shared with senior executives not only gained them praise for their achievements, it increased executive enthusiasm for event measurement.  The Philips team is planning on making an executive dashboard available for the VPs at the event to continuously monitor progress at RSNA 2009.

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